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What is a Screw or Helical Rotary chiller?

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More specifically: 

  • What is the capacity range for Screw chillers?
  • What refrigerants are being used in Screw chillers?
asked Aug 22, 2014 by Mepanet

1 Answer

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Helical-Rotary water-cooled chiller provides chilled water for both comfort and industrial cooling systems. These chillers are quieter than reciprocating chillers and they are available from 100 tons to 750 tons. Screw chillers can be air cooled or water cooled. The water cooled Screw chillers need more water for condenser verses other types, however they are more efficient than scroll type chillers. These chillers are manufactured to work with VFDs. For the capacity above 300 tons the Centrifugal chillers are more efficient than Screw chillers. The common refrigerant in Screw chillers is R-134a.
answered Aug 24, 2014 by Mepanet

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