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How does water treatment for a cooling tower work?

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To control corrosion and scale in condenser water and hydronic system, the chemical composition of the circulating water must be maintained within certain parameters.  The specific parameters required vary from system to system and are dependent on composition of the make-up water, the metallurgy of the piping and heat transfer devices exposed to the circulating water, and the operating temperatures of the system.

Water Treatment for Cooling Tower

Bleed also known as ‘blow down’ is the process in which a small continuous flow of the re-circulating water is extracted to a drain. The blow down is used to control the concentration of dissolved solids within the re-circulating water. It should be noted thatthe use of an automated blow down system is recommended, to maximize water savings. Chemical scale and corrosion inhibitors are necessary, which raise the allowable level of dissolved solids without the risk of scale and corrosion.  Non-chemical water treatment systems for Cooling Towers are preferred in regard to environmental protection.  For condenser water in closed circuit Cooling Tower, the water treatment system is similar to that of a hydronic system.

answered Aug 28, 2014 by Mepanet

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