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What is the Power Exhaust?

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46 views asked Jun 21, 2016 by Matt Hall
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When a rooftop unit is equipped with an economizer, the system must also include an effective method for allowing excess air to escape the building in order to avoid the space over-pressurization. This effective means is known as a Power Exhaust. The basic system is to using a barometric relief damper in lieu of the power exhaust, but typically it is not capable of removing enough building return air to provide the desired building space pressure. Therefore, a Power Exhaust can be added to an economizer to adequately relieve building pressure.

For constant volume rooftop unit, a constant volume power exhaust can be used but for the VAV rooftop units the VAV power exhaust need to be used which the electrical motor can be equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and interlock with the economizer to change the exhaust air volume in respect with the Outside Air volume supplying to the space by economizer.




answered Jun 21, 2016 by Matt Hall

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