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What type of the pumps are used in the HVAC systems?

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154 views asked Nov 13, 2015 by Aatik

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All of the pumps which are being used in the HVAC systems (hydronic systems) are Centrifugal type. For the small systems, in-line pumps (centrifugal) are used and for the large systems the floor mounted pumps (centrifugal) are used.
answered Nov 15, 2015 by Matt Hall
But what about diff types of cetrifugal pump like horizontal splt case, vertical split case, axial suction radial discharge and many more. which one is sutaible for perticular operation?
All of those pumps are being used in a different condition in hydronic systems. For the small systems the in-line type is being used and for the large systems in a mechanical room the floor mounted type is being used which depend on the piping system in the mechanical room the Axial suction or Split case and etc. can be used.

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