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What is the difference between pot strainer and Y strainer?

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879 views asked Aug 29, 2015 by Arjun Chavan

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Y-type strainers have a lower dirt holding capacity than basket (Pot) strainers, which means that that require more frequent cleaning. Y-type strainer is the usual standard and is almost universally used and has a compact cylindrical shape that is very strong and can handle high pressures up to 400 bar.



                                                             Y-type strainer


The basket type or pot type strainer is characterized by a vertically orientated chamber, typically larger than that of a Y-type strainer. Size for size, the pressure drop across a basket strainer is less than that across the Y-type as it has a greater free straining area, which makes the basket type strainer the preferred type for liquid applications. As the dirt holding capacity is also greater than in Y-type strainers, the basket type strainer is also used on larger diameter pipelines.

Basket type strainers can only be installed in horizontal pipelines, and for larger, heavier basket strainers, the base of the strainer needs to be supported.




                                                         Basket type strainer








answered Sep 5, 2015 by Matt Hall

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