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What are the MEP point of connections manager?

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I am looking for a software package that can manage mechanical and process point of connection as well as provide capacity calculations automatically for each system. I currently have my data on a Access database.
asked Apr 14, 2015 by Edwin Carcamo

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Building HVAC and energy user systems such as water heaters, electrical power & lighting systems can be managed to start or activate at a certain time in the morning and stop or deactivate at a certain time in after business hours, they also can be monitored for failure or service time or energy metering by an automation systems. These systems are called BMS (Building Management System) or EMS (Energy Management System). BMS and EMS are both functioning about the same and are used for managing the HVAC & energy user systems’ operation or monitoring the working condition and metering their energy demand, but EMS may have special emphasis on energy metering or monitoring.

There are multiple companies such as Johnson Control, KMC, Honeywell which manufacture the BMS or EMS. These systems are equipped with a software which can be programed by building owner/ engineer for their HVAC and energy user systems.

answered Apr 16, 2015 by Matt Hall

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