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What are the classification of cleanrooms for different industries?

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The required standard of cleanliness of room is dependent on the task performed in it; the more susceptible the product is to contamination the better the standard. The following list (Table) gives an indication of the tasks carried out in different classifications of cleanrooms.

These suggested classifications are only an indication of what might be used and care must be taken not to over-design by providing cleaner than necessary rooms as this has a big influence on cost.



   Class 1         

These rooms are only used by integrated circuit manufacturers manufacturing sub-micron geometries.

Class 10

These rooms are used by semiconductor manufacturers producing integrated circuits with line widths below 2 ┬Ám

Class 100

Used when a bacteria-free or particulate-free environment is required in the manufacture of aseptically produced injectable medicines. Required for implant or transplant surgical operations. Isolation of immunosuppressed patients e.g. after bone marrow transplant operations.

Class 1,000

Manufacture of high quality optical equipment. Assembly and testing of precision gyroscopes. Assembly of miniaturized bearings.

Class 10,000

Assembly of prevision hydraulic or pneumatic equipment, servo-control valves, precision timing devices, high grade gearing.

Class 100,000

General optical work, assembly of electronic components, hydraulic and pneumatic assembly.

answered Apr 11, 2015 by Joe Mahini

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