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What is the suction diffuser?

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172 views asked Mar 22, 2015 by Joe Mahini

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The liquid stream at the entering point of the suction inlet of the pump will be turbulent, therefore an adequate horizontal straight run (about an equivalent length of 10 pipe diameters) on the suction side of the pump is required to create a smooth stream before elbow for vertical run to avoid turbulence in elbow and providing a more uniform velocity profile that reduces uneven stress on the pump impeller and shaft which will impact on the pump performance and life of the pump.  If there is not enough space at the suction side of the pump in a small mechanical room to have an adequate distance between the pump suction inlet and the elbow in vertical run, then a suction diffuser needs to be installed right after the elbow in vertical pipe or using an elbow type suction diffuser to absorb the turbulence and create a liner flow to avoid any negative impact on pump as described above.
answered Mar 26, 2015 by Devan Talebi

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