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What is an Electronic Trap Primer and where should it be used in plumbing systems?

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429 views asked Feb 23, 2015 by Devan Talebi

The trap primer is used to maintain the level of water in the trap.

This trap is used to prevent accumulation of gases inside the plumbing system - usually U or S shaped pipe, by maintaining the constant level of liquid in the trap.

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I am not sure about the "Electronic Trap Primer" Trap Primer is used to maintain some flow because of the pressure drop in tap during operational. the water line is connected to tap and allow one end to connect with floor trap in between the tap and trap the Trap primer is using, for me its a waste of water.
answered Feb 24, 2015 by thb
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Assuming you know what a trap primer is, the electronic trap primer is the same thing but it is on a timer.  It adds a certain amount of water to the traps all at the same time at a given interval. (ie. 6 ounces of water once every 24 hours).  This way you don't just have a constant drip.  I don't know the math but I would assume that it uses less water and probably was created for LEED purposes.
answered Feb 24, 2015 by Jeff Springer
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Electronic Flow Trap Primer is designed to maintain a permanent trap seal in floor drains where wastes or gully traps are infrequently used. This is common in remote locations where high ambient temperatures or high airflow movements cause excessive trap dry out, allowing sewer gases to escape into buildings from waste lines.
answered Feb 25, 2015 by Pankaj Bhagat
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Good day, in Nyc Hospitals, I've installed flush type floor drains in operation rooms and in Emergency rooms. The purpose of this was to flush down blood,contaminants, and to prevent methane gas from passing through. Sewer gases can be lethal to someone's health and explosive. I hope this helps. 


answered Feb 25, 2015 by Dominick HUDYBERDI
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Regular trap primer should be installed on a main water pipe (in vertical position) in the bathroom, and should be connected by a ½” copper pipe (or PVC) to the floor drains P trap (few inch above the water level in P trap), to drip a few drops into the bathroom’s floor drain or any floor drain (or floor sink) which is located in the adjacent area to the bathroom.  Every time that someone flushes the toilet or urinal, the water pressure in the main water line in the bathroom will drop and trap primer releases a few drops to the floor drain P trap, in order to always keep a water in the P trap to block the odor to traveling to the bathroom space. 

 In areas other than bathrooms which there are no toilets or urinals and therefore no flushing system apply, the regular trap primer cannot work as there is no pressure drop happening in the water system in that area. In these cases the electronic trap primer will be used to act like a regular trap primer. In electronic trap primer box, there is a solenoid valve which works with a timer that has been adjusted to energize the solenoid valve to open and allow a few drops of  water drip into the floor drain (or floor sink) P trap to block the odor. To see the device visit http://www.pppinc.net/2/submittals/TPV_Prime_Time_Flush_150.pdf

answered Feb 25, 2015 by Matt Hall

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