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For 1000 CFM Extract what is makeup % CFM need to be added

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318 views asked Feb 11, 2015 by Mohammed Ameen khan

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There is no general rule, it depends on the type of environment which we are providing the air system for. For Office spaces, to meet comfort level, you need to provide the same amount of exhaust air for makeup air to balance the system (air balance) so to avoid space over-pressurization or negative pressure. Operation rooms in hospital or clean rooms should be in positive pressure to block entering viruses or dusts, while restrooms need to be in negative pressure to avoid odors from traveling to the adjacent spaces.
answered Feb 12, 2015 by Joe Mahini
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Make up air means Fresh air , there is no rule to determine the amount of Fresh air required for the space .Usually , the design will result 10-20 % of Fresh air (Make up air) for residential and office applications, and for some applications like the hospitals ;  100 % of Fresh Air will be required .
answered Mar 5, 2015 by Abdülhamit KAYYALİ
There is a rule for the required amount of fresh air for each space based on the space use.
Please see ASHRAE 62.1 table 6-1 which shows the minimum ventilation rate for each space.

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