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What are the different types of heat pump systems and how do they work?

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Heat pump can provide cooling or heating at a time. This DX system unit can change from cooling mode to heating mode or vice versa by reversing the refrigerant direction with a reversing valve. 

There are 3 types of Heat Pump systems:

  1. Unitary Heat Pump
  2. Water Source Heat Pump
  3. Ground Source Heat Pump (geothermal)

Unitary Heat Pump

The condenser in this system is air cooled. Unitary Heat Pump is either package unit or split system.

Package Unit: Should be installed outside (roof or on ground) and ducted to the building. The capacity range for this unit is from 1.5 tons to 30 tons. For a small tonnage, the outside air can be provided through an opening in the return duct near the unit if it is not built in the unit. For high capacity units, the outside air can be provided through the unit itself.

Split System: Split System consists of two separate sections, which are condensing unit (condenser and compressor) and fan coil unit (evaporator). The condensing unit should be installed outside and fan coil unit should be installed inside the building.  The refrigerant piping should be installed to connect the two sections together.

Water Source Heat Pump

See Water Source Heat Pump.

Ground Source Heat Pump

See Ground Source Heat Pump .

answered Sep 21, 2014 by Mepanet

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